Cocktail Reception of National Day of Norway

Prof. Jianping Gan, Director of the Center of Ocean Research in Hong Kong and Macau (CORE), was honored to be invited to attend the Cocktail Reception of the National Day of Norway on 17 May 2024.

Due to its extensive coastline and vast maritime territory, Norway has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the field of energy and marine resources. The country has developed various advanced technologies for sustainable utilization of natural resources. This includes renewable energy technologies such as hydropower, as well as the development and utilization of fish, seafood, and oil and natural gas resources within its own waters. Norway has also provided assistance to developing countries in the areas of fisheries and energy.

In 2017, the Norwegian government formulated its first comprehensive policy report titled "New Growth, Proud History," which encompassed all marine industries. The report discussed the role of the ocean in Norway's development and foreign policy positioning, as well as outlined the country's white paper on marine management. Subsequently, in 2019, the government launched an updated marine policy report titled "Blue Opportunities".

The Norwegian government places great importance on the development of the ocean and marine industries. Prof. Gan seized this valuable opportunity to discuss potential collaborations between CORE and Norwegian institutions during his meeting with Ms. Signe Brudeset, the Norwegian Ambassador to China.

Additionally, Prof. Gan took advantage of this significant occasion to introduce CORE to Mr. Chan Mo-po, the Financial Secretary of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and highlighted the contributions of CORE's research across various government departments.

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