The Second Hong Kong-Macau Ocean Forum

<< The Second Hong Kong-Macau Ocean Forum>>  -  Earth System Science for Climate Change, Carbon Neutrality and Blue Economy






The second Hong Kong-Macau Ocean Forum organized by CORE has been successfully held on 3rd – 5th July 2023 in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. More than 100 of renowned experts and scholars joined the forum to exchange ideas on the theme of “Earth System Science for Climate Change, Carbon Neutrality and Blue Economy”.


Prof. Lixin WU, President of Laoshan Laboratory, said in the opening speech to congratulate the coming success of the second Hong Kong-Macao Ocean Forum. He pointed out that Hong Kong and Macau have unique geographic and policy advantages and scientific technology strengths, have become an important role in the collaborative innovation of marine science and technology in Greater Bay Area. We should make full use of the window role and “geographical and human harmony” advantage of Hong Kong and Macau, gather the scientific research strengths, develop international collaboration, link with mainland significant technology research, establish a highly international wise world-class marine research base, which will lead a great success!

During the Forum, more than 50 experts and scholars gave presentations on below four theme: Topic 1-Coupled atmosphere-ocean dynamicsand climate change; Topic 2-Biogeochemical cycles in ocean-land-atmospheric system and carbon neutrality; Topic 3-Ocean technology, digital-twin and blue economy; and Topic 4-Ocean Reseach in Hong Kong and Macau (CORE)

Chinese Academy of Sciences members: Prof. Dake Chen, Prof. Minhan Dai, and Prof. Yongjiu Dai and Prof. Jianping Huang; Prof. Wenju Cai (Director of Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research and Member of Academia Europaea), Prof. Jian Lin (Member of Russian Academy of Natural Science), all these signifiance scientists all joined the forum to discuss advanced scientific issues related to climate change, carbon neutrality, ocean and blue economy sustainable development, ocean technology and digital twin research.

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